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Quick Tip: Share Maps directions and data from OS X to iOS via iCloud

With OS X Mavericks, Apple brought Maps back to the Mac.

The app works just as its iOS cousin does, but the company’s made it easy to look up an address or directions on the desktop and send them — via iCloud — to a mobile device.

Here’s the OS X Maps app. In it, I’ve searched for directions from New York City’s 5th Ave Apple Store to the one in SoHo:

In the title bar, there’s the ubiquitous share icon. Clicking it will reveal several standard options, but the menu also shows any iOS devices signed in to your iCloud account:

When an iOS device is tapped, a push notification is sent to the device:

Opening the notification will open the directions in the native Maps application, making this a great way to look up something from the comfort of your desk, then walk out the door, ready to go.

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