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Quick Tip: Our favorite Workflow actions

Workflow is a really incredible app that is able to do a lot of things on iOS that wasn’t possible before. If you want to learn more about it, check out MacStories.net for a deep review of Workflow’s power, and check out David Sparks’ new Video Field Guide that has a wealth of great information. I wanted to list a few of my favorite workflows this week that have really made my life easier. If you want to install any of these, you can click the links from an iOS device.

Delete Photos
This extension allows you to mass delete photos from your camera roll. This is really helpful when you’ve got a lot of screenshots or other random photos.

File Downloader
This extension is extremely handy if you have a media file that normally plays only in Safari, but you want to download it to Dropbox or Google Drive to save for later.

YouTube to MP4 or MP3
This extension allows you to make a YouTube video and encode in into a MP4 or MP3 file and then save it elsewhere on your phone.

Tip Calculator
This one is pretty simple, but it’s really handy. Once you run it, it asks for your bill amount and then spits out your tip and total (You preset your tip % ahead of time).

View Source
This one is really useful if you need to the view source code of a website on the go.

Subscribe to a Podcast Using its iTunes Store Link in Any Third-Party App
This is incredibly handy for when new shows haven’t been picked up by third party app directories, but it’s already in iTunes.

These are just a handful of my favorites. What are your favorites? Let me know on Twitter.

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