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Quick Tip: Control playback speed in QuickTime

If you are watching video or listening to audio in QuickTime, you can control the QuickTime Playback Speed.

QuickTime playback speed

While watching a video in QuickTime:

  1. Hold the option key.
  2. Click the fast forward button.

For each click of the fast forward button, you’ll see the speed start to increase in 0.1 increments from 1.0x → 1.1x → 1.2x → etc. all the way up to 2.0x.

However, note that there is a bug that’s persisted for years, in which the audio drops once you hit 2x speed. To work around this bug, just simply move to 1.9x speed and stop.

If you find something interesting that you want to re-watch, you can hit the space bar to pause the video. Hitting the play button will reset the playing speed, though.

This is a great way to quickly move through any lecture-style content that you are playing in QuickTime.

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