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What we published this week

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Our favorite Markdown writing app for the Mac »

Byword is our favorite Markdown writing app for Mac

There’s no shortage of Markdown editors to choose from, and many of them are fantastic. We think Byword is the best of the bunch because it hits the sweet spot between simplicity and functionality. Byword offers a calm writing environment, yet has just enough features under the hood enough to make you a happy and more productive writer.

Matt Reich takes us through the benefits and advantages of Byword as the best all-around Markdown writing app. (Also, the writer featured in the hero image is not Matt, it’s Shawn Blanc’s son.)

Quick Tip: Monitor battery usage with iOS 8 »

iOS 8 battery meter

With the release of iOS 8 last week came dozens of features an improvements that improve our devices, and Bradley shares a great tip about watching battery draining apps from Settings.app.

Prior to iOS 8, we were largely left to a bit of trial and error when determining how our iOS battery was being used. In iOS 8, Apple has given us a measuring stick.

Basically, iOS 8 gives you a list of apps and shows you how much of your battery life each app has used in the past 24 hours or 5 days. Pretty nifty.

Andrew Franciosa’s sweet Mac setup »

Andrew Franciosa's Mac setup

This week’s setup features Andrew Franciosa, a photographer living in upstate New York. Andrew recently left his job to start his photography studio, Andrew Franciosa Studio, where he mostly focuses on wedding and commercial photography.

I’ve noticed that it’s becoming more common for people to be genuinely content with their setups. Sure, we all want any new Apple goodies that are released, but in many ways the computing devices available today are beyond so many of our needs.

I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on things. I just wish there was a real-life equivalent of “reset workspace to default” since my desk gets crazy messy the longer I’m at it.

I’m quite happy with the systems I’ve got in place.

Dashable — Time-tracking, project integration, and invoicing for agencies (Sponsor) »


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