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What we published this week

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Quick Tip: Clean unwanted contacts from Messages

Bradley Chambers wrote the quick tip for this week, and it’s a great remedy for a cluttered list of recent contacts.

One of the little known facts about the iOS Messages app is its Recents list. Who’s in this list? Well, a lot of people. Anyone you’ve ever been in a group message with or anyone who has ever been in your contacts can be recalled.

Bradley walks us through the simple process for cleaning up that list so that you only see people that want to see in the suggested contacts.

Oliver Haslam’s sweet setup

Oliver Haslam's sweet Mac setup

This week’s setup was provided by Oliver Haslam, part-time writer of words, full-time tinkerer of tech. Oliver shared his setup for all three of his devices, so there’s loads of interesting stuff to read about in this one.

I particularly enjoyed reading about his server setup that runs on an old Macbook:

The aforementioned MacBook server is a 2008 aluminum unibody model that runs 24/7 as my home’s DHCP, DNS, and VPN server. I may have missed out some other acronyms too, but you get the idea! Yes, most of that can be handled via my router, but I did say that I’m a full-time tinkerer!