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This only happens 2x per year…

We’re officially in what I like to call “nervous laughter” season.


Because nervous laughter is the typical response when I ask people how the rest of the year is looking for them.

We know the end of the year is getting close…

But we also know there is a TON of work that remains to be done.

  • Half-finished projects
  • Looming deadlines
  • Goals we’re stretching to hit

When you think about how much ground you need to cover between now and January…

What else can you do but laugh nervously and wonder how you’re going to get it all done?

Especially after factoring in your holiday plans, family obligations, and everything else the end of the year brings.

Most people take one of three approaches:

  • The “Hang on for Dear Life” Approach: You whisper a quick prayer, hold on to your insane calendar for dear life, and hope the holidays get here before you crash and burn.
  • The “There’s Always Next Year” Approach: The big goals you had for 2023 no longer seem attainable, so you punt and regroup sometime around January.
  • The “Sprint Your Face Off” Approach: You adopt a completely unsustainable schedule so you can hit that number or get that big project off the ground — even if it kills you.

Allow me to offer you a fourth option.

One that doesn’t force you to adopt unhealthy, unsustainable work habits to achieve your goals.

Or accept that you’re simply stuck with a calendar that leaves no time for margin.

Or spend the next three months thinking about all the plans you’ll get to “someday.”

I’m talking about our Fall 2023 cohort of Focus Academy: the 4-week online program where I help you build a sustainable system for maintaining maximum focus in your life.

Enrollment for Academy opens TOMORROW so you can unlock the focus you need to finish 2023 strong (without burning yourself out).

Here are a few breakthroughs our past alumni members have seen:

  • Mo Bunell led his business to its best quarter ever while spending more time at home with his family than he had in years.
  • Jenette McEntire paid off $13,000 in debt and wrote her first children’s book — a project she’d been trying to get to for years.
  • Alexandra Immel finally stuck to a balanced schedule that left time for work, herself, family, friends, and personal projects.
  • Jay Shutter totally overhauled his company’s culture — resulting in an increase of productivity and team morale.
  • Andy formed one new habit — finally the RIGHT habit — that changed the trajectory of his whole day, and gave him the space to focus on the things he knew he needed to be doing.

These results all come from alums who went through the process I’m going to walk you through step by step in Focus Academy.

In Focus Academy, you don’t just get a bunch of “quick fix” tips and tricks to make you more productive — you build a system that keeps you aligned with what matters most on a daily basis.

That’s what makes the kind of outcomes I listed above possible:

  • Hitting your professional and financial goals.
  • Finally making progress on that side project that’s wasting away on the back-burner.
  • Having time for rest and recovery instead of constantly jumping from one fire to the next.

These are the byproducts of a focused life.

I’d be honored to help you start living one.

Watch your inbox for the official announcement tomorrow!

P.S. When we open the doors for Focus Academy tomorrow, there will be a little something extra for those who get there early…

It’s something we’ve never offered before, and it will cost you nothing extra.

But it will only be around for a short while.

So mark your calendar and keep your eyes open!