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Overcast updated to version 4.1

Overcast, our favorite podcast client for iOS, was updated to version 4.1 this week. Overcast has been my go-to app for podcasts since day one, and today is a big reason why. It’s continually improved with tweaks that I never even knew I wanted. So what’s new in version 4.1?

Support for password protected feeds

Up until now, Overcast did not support password-protected feeds. With version 4.1, it now supports username and password login via HTTP Basic Auth.

Smart Resume

Smart Resume jumps back in time when resuming after a pause to help remind you where you were in the conversation. It also tries to resume playback during a silence in the conversation. This feature can be turned off in the Nitpicky Details section if you don’t want it, but we think it’s pretty handy.

Delete After 24 Hours

Previously, you could either delete at completion or manually. Now, you can delete after 24 hours after completion. The 24-hour window is only used after a network sync is finished, so it won’t auto-delete anything while you are in Airplane Mode.

If you’ve never tried Overcast, I highly recommend you read our review for more details.