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Muse: Tool for Thought on iPad (Sponsor)


A new professional app for the iPad just launched last week. It’s called Muse, and it turns your iPad into a tool for thought.

Muse gives you a spatial canvas for your research notes, sketches, screenshots, PDFs, and bookmarks. File managers and note-taking apps give you sorted lists and grids of your content. By contrast, Muse is inspired by your desk: personal, creative, even a little messy.

You can pull in documents and clippings from iCloud or Dropbox, your Camera Roll, or drag-and-drop from other apps. Use your Pencil to draw on, around or in-between everything. The zooming interface allows you to nest all your content to create a beautiful, explorable knowledge garden.

Muse is $99.99 per year but you can try it free with up to 100 cards. Download it on your iPad today.

Our thanks to Muse for sponsoring the site!