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Memopal: Online Backup and Sync (Sponsor)

Memopal Online Backup and Sync

Memopal allows you to have all the files you need on all your computers, always up to date on each computer.

With Memopal you can find the changes to your files across all your computers and
share folders with coworkers and friends.

Here you are 3 of Memopal’s advantages:

  1. Backup files and Sync feature on the same software.
  2. No computer limitation using the same account.
  3. If someone deletes synched files or folders the owner can access them anytime.

Download Memopal, install it, and create a free 3GB account. Memopal is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

* * *

Our thanks to Memopal for sponsoring the site this week.