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Managing My Life in Notion

One of the things that makes Notion such an interesting tool is that it’s built to be whatever you want it to be for you. Some people use it for one thing and others will use it for completely different things, and that’s awesome! There’s a place for focused software that everyone uses the same way, but Notion is not in that category at all.

As such, it’s always fun to see how other people use Notion because it’s never going to look exactly the same from person to person. With that in mind, I made a quick and cozy tour of my Notion setup that should have at least one thing that you haven’t thought to do with Notion before. Here’s what I do in Notion:

  • Creating a wishlist I can share with family around the holidays
  • Managing every aspect of a YouTube channel
  • Setting and tracking life goals
  • Managing a software project
  • Storing highlights from what I read online