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Keep Your Files at Your Fingertips with HoudahSpot (Sponsor)


Having quick access to information is essential for many professionals. A good file search tool is often the fastest and sometimes the only way to get to the information you need.

HoudahSpot is a powerful file search tool for Mac. Use HoudahSpot to find documents, mail messages, photos, image files and more. Start with a simple search. Narrow down results by adding criteria. It takes just a few clicks to build precise searches to get to the exact files you need.

  • Search by name, text content, kind, author, recipient, date, image dimensions, etc.

  • Search multiple locations at once, and exclude folders within selected locations

  • Preview files and text matches

  • Customize: Create your perfect setup of search criteria, folders, columns, sort order, and more

Find the needle in the haystack. Download HoudahSpot today. Get a 25% discount this week with coupon code SWEET.

Our thanks to HoudahSpot for sponsoring the site this week.