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Introducing: Ideas-to-Action 💡

Announcement time!

Today, we are opening the doors for enrollment in our all-new Focus Booster: Ideas-to-Action.

Ideas-to-Action is a series of LIVE online workshops happening inside our membership community.

You will double your creative output with a simple system for organizing — and acting on — your ideas.

If you’re brimming with ideas but struggle to bring them to life, Ideas-to-Action will give you the tools you need to start making consistent progress, whether you want to…

  • Write a book
  • Launch a course
  • Start a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, etc.
  • Get a creative project off the ground


If it involves creative energy, the Ideas-to-Action Focus Booster will make it happen faster.

It’s for creators, thinkers, and note-takers who crave an effective system for organizing and developing the messy piles of ideas they want to bring to life.

And just like all the other Focus Boosters we’ve done this year, Ideas-to-Action is 100% free for our Focus Club members (who also have access to our complete library of courses, live coaching calls, our Digital Planner, a private Slack community, and much more).

Not a member yet? Click here to hop in so you can join us for Ideas-to-Action!

Need a refresher on Focus Boosters? 🤔

Focus Boosters are themed challenges for our growing community of 300+ Focus Club members. Each is designed to help you level up in a specific area of task, time, and idea management.

Ideas-to-Action is our fifth Focus Booster of 2023, and it’s built for anyone who wants to translate their notes, thoughts, and plans into progress (instead of getting stuck at the start).

The first of 4 members-only live coaching calls kicks off on Thursday, September 14.

Join the Focus Club Membership today and we’ll save you a spot!

Over the course of 4 weeks, you’ll install an effective system for capturing, organizing, and developing the piles of messy ideas you want to bring to life:

  • #1: Capture Your Genius → Create your own digital idea incubator. You’ll learn how to leverage tools like Notion, Obsidian, and more to organize every spark of inspiration worth saving.

  • #2: Execute Your Vision → Turn inspiration into action so you can finally share what’s in your head with the rest of the world.

  • #3: Develop Your Ideas → This is where the magic happens. Connect the dots on your ideas and unlock the creative energy to see them through.

  • Bonus: Yes Yes Notion → Our brand new workshop for making Notion your spot to turn ideas into action.

  • Plus → Community check-ins for accountability on your goals and members-only deep work sessions (Focus Hour).

If you love getting into the weeds of creativity, but often struggle to emerge, you’re going to love Ideas-to-Action.

Click here to join our Focus Club Membership and get free access to the Ideas-to-Action Focus Booster archives.

Once you’re inside Focus Club, you’ll be able to:

  1. Watch all the Ideas-to-Action coaching calls.
  2. Share your progress, ideas, and questions inside the private course platform.

Ready to get more out of your ideas?

Jump inside and join us today!

Jump in and join us today! »

P.S. Like I mentioned, in addition to free access to the Ideas-to-Action Focus Booster, your Focus Club Membership also gets you a TON of extra perks.

You’ll immediately have access to everything in our library of courses, tools, and resources, including:

  • The Focus Course
  • The Margin Course
  • Calm Inbox
  • Simple Habits
  • Learn Ulysses
  • All The Things
  • Learn GoodNotes
  • Mastering Mind Maps
  • To Obsidian and Beyond
  • The Creative Focus Summit
  • The Personal Retreat Workshop
  • Time Management Masterclass
  • The 8-Week Work Cycles (NEW workshop)
  • Plan Your Year Workbook + Workshop
  • Time-Blocking and Time Tracking Course
  • Sensemaking & PKM with Nick Milo
  • The Do Half workshop with Sarah Peck
  • How to Say No workshop with Sarah Peck
  • Notion for Goal Setting with Marie Poulin
  • Startup and Shutdown Routines with David Sparks
  • You’ll also get instant access to all the productivity templates, workbooks, and tools included inside each course!

The membership comes with both online and in-person coaching and community. You’ll also get:

  • A free ticket to our annual, in-person conference in Kansas City
  • Monthly Coaching Calls: You’ll have a direct line to me and my Focus Team so we can dive deep into any challenge or obstacle you’re facing.
  • Private Slack community: A place to get feedback, support, and tips from the entire community of Club members to get world-class feedback and insights on task, time, and idea management.
  • Weekly check-ins for accountability, feedback, and support.
  • Weekly Focus Hour (study hall) sessions to get deep work done without distractions.

So if you want to participate in our Ideas-to-Action Focus Booster, join today!