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Inside My Writing Process (Free Webinar)

When you sit down to write (or do any other creative work), what typically happens first for you?

Do you…

Get going immediately, setting yourself up for a productive session?


You procrastinate... Check your phone. Maybe dive back into research mode because you tell yourself you’re not “ready” yet.

On Tuesday, I’m going to show you how to attain the former option much more consistently than the latter.

Join me live for my free online workshop — The Focused Writer: Improve Your Workflows.

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Here’s the truth — being productive creatively has little to do with using the right apps and tools.

In fact, when I first started blogging regularly, my #1 workflow challenge was something I never expected at all…

I carved out time. My desk and writing space were pristine (I had a very “sweet setup” if you will…). I closed all the distracting tabs in my browser. And yet, I still struggled to get any words on the screen.

Doubt would creep in, followed by fear and procrastination (“maybe I just need to take my mind off it for a few minutes!”).

The problem?

I had Dual Focus.

I wasn’t going into my morning writing session with a plan.

It was a huge time suck, and rarely effective.

Since then, my approach has changed significantly.

Now, I have a writing plan before I sit down to write.

And some of the best — and most profitable — writing I’ve done has been a result of having an overarching theme and then showing up consistently to write about it.

That’s how I was able to write 75,000 words for the original Focus Course in just 42 days.

Having a plan is a game changer — but it’s just the beginning of an effective creative workflow.

On Tuesday, I’m going to take you deeper into everything I’ve learned over the last decade.

So you can be a more productive, more focused writer, thinker, and creative.

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What: The Focused Writer: Improve Your Workflows (Live Workshop) — How to optimize your creative workflows and become more focused during your writing and creative work.

When: Tuesday, August 29 — 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific / 6pm GMT

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