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Influencers Make App Marketing So Much Sweeter (Sponsor)


The app business is hard, but isn’t just about reviews and downloads.

Consider other marketing channels, like SEO. From maintaining proper site architecture to managing crawlers and meeting content development needs — it can be overwhelming. That’s why when managing off-page elements, relying on influencers is key.

Enter Intellifluence for digital marketing.

With 100,000 app influencers, Intellifluence helps marketers by streamlining outreach to save time, getting you in front of the right audience.

  • Find the right influencers for your business using the advanced discovery engine.
  • Create campaigns designed to have these influencers pitch YOU on doing work.
  • Utilize internal payments to ensure work youโ€™re paying for gets done without having to chase people down.

Need influence to juice app store visibility? The combined audience size for Intellifluence’s app influencers exceeds 36 million!

Put these influencers to work for your own sweet setup and save time today.

Our thanks to Intellifluence for sponsoring the site this week.