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iBank 5 (Sponsor)

iBank 5

iBank delivers the most complete suite of money management apps for Mac and iOS.

iBank 5 for Mac offers all the power and all the tools youโ€™d expect from desktop financial software — including bill pay, bank downloads, budgets, reports, investment support and more.

Sync to iBank for iPad and put all of your finances at your fingertips, or to iBank for iPhone for true mobile money management any time and anywhere.

Always knowing where you stand gives you the power to budget better, spend wisely, save more, and build a secure financial future. With free support and a free trial of iBank 5, you can see for yourself what makes iBank the #1 alternative to Quicken for Mac users. As the Sweet Setup says: โ€œiBank does everything well.โ€

Our thanks to iBank 5 for sponsoring the site this week — we heartily recommend this app for personal and small business finances. If you’d like to sponsor the site, you can find out more info here.