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How to use the new “Mail to Wunderlist” feature

I recently switched over to Wunderlist (the best shared list app) for all my of task management. One of the big things it lacked for me is the ability to send items into your database from multiple email addresses. Previously, you could only do this from your main account email. Thankfully, you can now add multiple emails to your account. Wunderlist also gives you the ability to funnel emails from individual emails into a certain list.

To get started, head over to the Manage Your Account page. You can then add your additional email addresses. Once they are verified, you can go to the Mail To Wunderlist page to control which list new incoming emails are added to. Before sending your email, you can add words like “Tomorrow” or “Next Week” to the subject line to trigger a due date automatically.

Wunderlist mailing addresses

Wunderlist was recently purchased by Microsoft, and it looks like they are keeping on track with development. This has been a long requested feature of mine, so this is welcome news for my use case.

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