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How to set a default browser or maps app in Fantastical

Fantastical, the best calendar app for iPhone, is a power-house of an app. I prefer the design of it over the built-in calendar, and it’s also much more powerful. But, it also has two features that iPhone power-users will love: you can set a default browser and a default maps app.

You can get to the settings by tapping the gear icon on the main screen of Fantastical. From there, scroll down to Advanced. In the Advanced screen, you will see the Open Links In and Open Locations In options. You can pick different apps besides the standard Apple apps (Maps and Safari) with these options.

Fantastical default app settings

While I use the Safari browser on iOS, I use Google Maps for directions. This is extremely handy when I am heading out to a meeting. I don’t have to manually copy and paste the address into Google Maps. Fantastical opens Google Maps when I tap on an address inside a calendar event, where Apple’s calendar will only open them in Apple Maps. If you were to change the Open Links In option to another browser, like Chrome or 1Password, any links you click in Fantastical will open in that browser.

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