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How to email a complete list from Wunderlist

Wunderlist is our favorite app for shared lists, and it’s something I use for all sorts of things, from simple lists to managing projects at work. One of the great things about Wunderlist is that it’s functional even if people you are working with don’t use it. In these cases, you can easily share a list of action items with someone via email so they can be aware of what needs to be done.

Wunderlist list view for emailing a list

After creating a list, go to File → Email List (or press Command + E).

Email client launches from Wunderlist

It will launch your default email client with the list inside of it. If items have due dates, they will also be noted as well. With this functionality, you can easily send a shopping list to a spouse, or share a detailed project with a coworker who needs to complete some of the tasks on the list.

As stated earlier, Wunderlist is our favorite app for shared lists, and you can grab the Mac and iOS apps for free.

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