How to hide past iBooks purchases

iBooks, the best ebook reader for iOS, has a store that has almost any book you could ever want. I’ve downloaded a number of free books and books that I won’t ever read again over time. I’m a big fan of keeping a minimal library of everything (even digital content), so seeing all these random books is annoying to me. iBooks offers an easy way to hide past purchases so you don’t see them, though.

This is only possible on the macOS version of iBooks.

  1. Launch iBooks, and go to the iBook Store.
  2. Click Purchased.
    iBooks Purchased menu
  3. Hover over a book and click the “X”.
    iBooks - removing an item

It’s now hidden from view. On your iOS devices, these books won’t even show up under purchased items.

If you’d like to unhide items, you can go back to the iBooks Store, and click Account.

iBooks Account setting location

Here, there is a section called Hidden Purchases that allows you to unhide items. Just click Manage to select which items you’d like to change.

iBooks Hidden Purchases location

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