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Goodie Goodie! The GoodNotes Course is Here

GoodNotes Course is Here

As promised, the GoodNotes course is now available!

The course will sell normally for $39, but right now you can save 20% during launch week (just $31).

You can get access to our complete, in-house library of custom templates that you can use as a journal or notebook within GoodNotes for productivity, ideation, planning, goal setting, and more. Additionally, let us not forget that there is also a whole series of video screencast tutorials for how to use GoodNotes even gooder.

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Want to use your iPad more?

Perhaps to be more organized. Or to go paperless (or more paperless). Or you’re still kinda in need of an awesome app that will help you fill out those pesky PDFs by hand, but on your iPad.

Or maybe it’s just that you want to use the iPad more because, well, let’s be honest… the iPad is awesome!

Whatever the case, one of my essential iPad apps is GoodNotes. (It’s our pick for the best handwriting and note taking app.)

And, as you know, over the past several months I have been using GoodNotes even more along with my library of custom templates. The more I use this app the more I realize how powerful and delightful it is.

(Plus I’ve received quite a few questions from folks about the custom templates I have been using.)

So my team and I got together and put together this brand-new course that is all about GoodNotes…

The course is available right here, right now.

The new GoodNotes course will help you save time and frustration by showing you all the cool little tricks, features, and benefits to using the best handwriting and note-taking app out there.

Also! We are giving you our entire in-house library of custom templates. (You can see the full list of included templates at the bottom of the page, here.)

If you’d like to get to our complete, in-house library of custom, digital templates along with a series of screencast tutorial videos for GoodNotes, then you can get instant access right now:

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Also… today only! (Tuesday 27 August) We have several signed copies of Mike Rohde’s awesome sketchnote books.

For those who buy the new course today, we’ll be selecting six winners to receive one book each. (I have personal copies of both of these books, and they’re fantastic.)

(Not sure but want to learn more, check out this page that also has a sample screencast video toward the bottom.)