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Focus Course Live: Open now (with special bonus)

Today is Thursday.

Press here to enroll in our upcoming class of Focus Course Live and let my team and I help you restore margin and focus to your full-time life.

Focus Course Live is the online coaching experience where I personally help you bring focus, breathing room, and clarity to your full-time life.


If you sign up before tomorrow evening, you’ll also get this timely bonus:

  • The Plan Your Year 2024 Workbook: The step-by-step system that helps you set a vision for the next 12 months that ties into your values, priorities, and goals. It’s a heck of a combo with Focus Course Live!

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. . . . .

2024 doesn’t have to get off to an overwhelming start.

You don’t have to constantly question if you’re heading in the right direction or not.

Busywork and false urgency don’t have to constantly distract you from the work that matters.

Just four short coaching sessions in Focus Course Live will transform your results.

  • You’ll design your ideal week and get back 10 hours of breathing room.
  • You’ll get crystal clear on your top priorities with a Personal Mission Map that aligns your goals and habits with your core values.
  • You’ll build systems to ensure you stay focused on those priorities even when life throws you curveballs.

Unlike a self-paced online course, you’re not left to go through it alone and hold yourself accountable.

Instead, you’ll get step-by-step instruction from me and my team, in a small group setting of other values-based creative professionals like you who are doing this together.

  • In Session 1, we’ll zoom out and get clear on your life’s vision. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your “why” so you can easily narrow down the top priorities to give your focus.
  • In Session 2, you’ll get deep into the critical focus strategies for mapping your big picture goals to the small daily actions that will help you accomplish them.
  • In Session 3, you’ll build your ideal schedule and identify the habits, routines, and time management tactics you’ll need to stick to it.
  • In Session 4, you’ll discover how to unlock margin in your calendar so you can sustain your focused life, even when things get hectic and you encounter resistance.

By the end, you’ll have a Personal Mission Map to following through on everything you want to accomplish in the short-term future…

…and the confidence that comes with knowing those short-term actions tie into your long-term vision for your life.

Save your spot here (and secure the bonus).

— Shawn

P.S. Remember — you’ll get a free copy of Plan Your Year 2024 when you enroll before tomorrow evening!