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Fix your endless to-do list (free workshop)

Is your task list longer than your arm?

Are you struggling to even make a dent in your most meaningful to-dos?

If you’re even slightly leaning “yes” to either question, then go ahead and save your spot on next week’s free workshop, The Procrastinator’s Guide to Progress.

Next week, I’m giving out the blueprint for making steady progress on your most important work — no matter how many distractions your day brings or how good you are at putting things off.

  • Even if you have a tendency to procrastinate or let busywork sidetrack you
  • Even if you hate rigid productivity “systems” that fence you in
  • Even if you have multiple areas of life demanding your attention

👉 Join me (Shawn) to learn how to overcome resistance and make daily, weekly, and monthly progress on your most important plans. (RSVP here.)

You’ll see:

  • The four reasons people procrastinate (and exactly how to fix it).
  • How to stop putting off important things in favor of “urgent” things.
  • A simple method for identifying your essential tasks of the day.
  • When to listen to your procrastination vs. when to push through it.
  • 10 easy ways to eliminate procrastination right now.

Plus, I’ll stick around at the end for Q&A so you can get direct feedback on any specific challenges you’re working through right now.

Don’t let excuses get in the way of meaningful progress on work that matters.

Register for The Procrastinator’s Guide to Progress Workshop (it’s free!)

What: The Procrastinator’s Guide to Progress (Live Workshop) — The blueprint for making steady progress on your most important work.

When: Tuesday, May 2 — 3pm Eastern / Noon Pacific / 7pm GMT

Where: RSVP here and we’ll email you a link to join us live online

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Distractions and resistance don’t have to keep holding you back.

Join me live next week, and let’s work through it together!

P.S. There’s that one thing on your to-do list that’s been sitting there for months. You’re able to get things done, but usually it’s not until the last minute. How do you make a fundamental shift to stop procrastination?