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Final Day: Access every course for $10

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This is the most affordable way to access every resource we have for living a more focused, productive life.

Get a 10-day pass to The Focus Accelerator for just $10.

If there’s a chance you might check out even just one of our courses or tools this coming year, Focus Accelerator is already a massive value.

But the value has never been higher than it is with this special $10 pass.

And while it might seem overwhelming to suddenly have a subscription to ALL THE THINGS…

The whole point is that you don’t have to dive into everything at once.

You can zoom in on the one specific resource that can get you past your biggest current challenge, whether it’s…

  • Opening breathing room in your schedule so you can have more time for the plans and people that matter most (The Margin Course is great for this).
  • Eliminating busywork and the constant, urgent demands on your attention that take you out of your sweet spot (The Time Management Masterclass will be a breath of fresh air).
  • Breaking through the resistance that’s stopping you from making consistent progress on creative projects (The Creative Focus Summit is here to help).
  • Leveling up your workflows and task management systems so you can cut out distractions and make the most of your time (All The Things works wonders for this).
  • Getting the most out of your favorite productivity app, like Notion, GoodNotes, Obsidian, Ulysses, or Things (we have courses and workshops for all of these).

This 10-day pass gives you more than enough time to tackle any of the options above.

After that?

My hope is you’ll see Focus Accelerator as an indispensable resource in the ongoing fight for focus.

Because that’s the thing — focus isn’t a mountaintop you climb one time.

It’s a daily discipline that morphs as your life continues to evolve.

To assist you in that ever-shifting discipline, we’re regularly adding workshops, masterclasses, and community-driven events.

That’s the extra benefit of Focus Accelerator

You’re not doing all of this in isolation.

You’re part of an entire community (a club, if you will) of invested, growth-minded peers giving each other an extra edge. Inside, you’ll meet:

  • Leaders and entrepreneurs who understand what it’s like to be the one constantly putting out fires, making the biggest decisions, and swimming in your own ideas.
  • Creative professionals who are putting in the work to finally get those ideas out of their head and bring them to life for the rest of the world.
  • Parents who are committed to gaining and maintaining work/life balance so they can be their best selves for their families.
  • Productivity nerds who are all about actually implementing new ideas, systems, and workflows instead of just reading about them (and yes, we also geek out over apps, journals, and all the other fun stuff together).

So yes, I hope this special 10-day pass is just the beginning of your time in Focus Accelerator.

But if it’s not? It’s easy to cancel. No jumping through hoops, no phone calls, no guilt trips.

So why not give it a try for the lowest price we’ve ever offered?

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We’ll be looking for you on the next coaching call!

P.S. Remember, you’ll also get free access to every on-demand course, workshop, and resource we create going forward… and we’ve got some cool stuff planned for 2024. :)

So go ahead and jump in now!