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Everything is always busy (RSVP for free workshop)

Join us next week for our next free workshop.

Our March, live class is all about how to get your time back . . . even when it feels like everything is always busy.

If you want to get your time (and your life) back, I’ll show you how.

Even if things feel overwhelming, you’re not sure where to start, and you’ve already “been there, tried that, and bought the darn t-shirt.”

The truth is, what I’ll show you next week is very simple and straightforward. (Stuff that works always is.)

But, as you know, it’s easy to get stuck by overthinking and overcomplicating things.

Or maybe you find yourself trapped inside of too much momentum of a life that is too busy and you’re not sure how to slow it down.


When you have more breathing room, it means more possibilities, more rest, and more fun.

Everything is Always Busy vs Margin

👉 Join me (Shawn) to find out how you can free yourself from overwhelm and restore margin to your week. RSVP here.

  • My simple, 2-part framework to restore margin

  • The 5 Areas of Margin

  • How (and why) we use this approach to take off 9 weeks per year in our company

  • Why people struggle to maintain breathing room in their life

  • How to get more breathing room in your own life (starting now)


There will also be time for live Q&A to talk about any questions you may have around time management, how to say “no”, decision making, and more.

Want to know how to get more breathing room?

Register for the Everything is Busy webinar

What: Everything is Always Busy: (Live Webinar) — The only two ways to restore breathing room to your life

When: Wednesday 8 March 2023 — 3pm Eastern / Noon Pacific / 8pm GMT

Where: RSVP Here (this way we can email you a link to join us live).

Plus, live Q&A to talk about any questions you may have around margin, time management, how to say “no”, and more.


Bonus: The Margin Assessment tool (shows you exactly where you should focus first).