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Droplr launches Screenbot to make sharing in Slack even easier

Droplr has long been a favorite here at The Sweet Setup. Not only is it our favorite way to share files and screenshots, but we also heavily rely on it when using Slack.

Screenbot is a new product built on top of the Droplr API to make working inside of Slack even easier. Screenbot brings quick screenshots, screencasts, and annotations to Slack with a simple slash command. It also makes it much easier to share Photoshop images in your Slack channels.

Screenbot is a free Slack Integration, and a pro upgrade is available for $5.00/month per user. The upgrade includes unlimited sharing, custom themes/domains, and privacy settings for sensitive data.

It’s great to see Droplr branching out into new areas. By having a strong platform foundation, they can easily modify the service to integrate with new solutions.

If you use Slack, you’ll definitely want to check out Screenbot.