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David Sparks: Focus is the superpower of the next 20 years

David Sparks is the co-host of both the Mac Power Users and Focused podcasts. He also writes a lot about workflows and productivity for folks who use Apple products on his site, MacSparky.

David has been a long-time friend and alumni member of The Focus Course, and was also recently one of our pilot members for the new Focus Academy.

Shawn’s course helps you figure out where you want to go and how to get there. If you’re feeling adrift or just want to help get yourself more focussed, check it out.

After going through the beta group for Academy earlier this year, David and I jumped onto a Zoom call to talk about his main takeaways and experience going through Academy:

Some of David’s Key Takeaways from his time in Focus Academy:

  • The failure of most productivity-themed work is that it immediately jumps into the weeds: the life-hacks, the ways to do one little tiny piece of this. And that is a big mistake.

    The real problem is the underlying values and goals. And the Academy really focuses on this first — and I believe that this is where this conversation should always start. Because if you don’t know where you’re going, then how on earth are you going to use those life hacks for anything useful?

  • All of the generic and tired productivity stuff has been talked about for 100 years. And yet, the world is changing and things are different now than they have been.

  • Focus is the superpower of the next 20 years.

  • The Academy is a way to help people find out how to use the skill of focus. Because so many people have no focus any more.

  • The more times you learn about focus, values, and productivity then more likely you are to stay down this path. David likes to hear about these topics from different people so he can glean and grow.

  • The thing that really stood out for David was the Academy’s fundamental focus on values and finding out what your North Star is. That is so easy to say, but so hard to do.

Focus Academy — Enrollment Begins September 1

The Focus Course Academy is a 4-week online program.

In just a few hours per week you will get breakthrough with your goals, habits, and time management.

There are a several things that make the Academy different from everything else we do.

For one, the material has been simplified and updated to include our latest and greatest training so far on margin, organization, prioritization, and focus.

Secondly, is the real-time, community-based nature of a Cohort Based Course.

Registration for our brand-new, first-ever, Focus Course Academy will open up on September 1. The Academy itself kicks off beginning the week of September 13th.


Bonus Workshop with David Sparks (Academy Fall Cohort)

We asked David to join us as a guest host during this first Fall 2021 Cohort of Academy.

David will be presenting a live workshop along with Q&A to help folks take the values and goals they are learning during the Academy and use it to improve their productivity in day to day life.