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Quick Tip: Customize how Audio Messages work on Apple Watch

When responding to a text message on Apple Watch, you are offered the option to use Default Replies, animated emoji, or dictation. By default, the dictation option will allow you to either send a speech-to-text transcription or an audio message. Audio messages were a new feature of iOS 8, but they never really took off for me. I’d just rather send a text message.

Apple Watch Audio Messages

Apple Watch allows you to choose how these messages are handled by going to Apple Watch.app → Messages → Audio Messages.

Dictation or Audio: This allows you to decide which one you will choose on each outgoing message.
Always Dictation: This will force Apple Watch to always use speech-to-text (my personal default).
Always Audio: This will force Apple Watch to always send an audio message.

Apple Watch Audio Messages settings in iPhone

Depending on your preference, you can further customize Apple Watch to work exactly how you want.

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