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Champion (Sponsor)


“What was the score in that soccer video game when you beat Marc? What, Marc says you guys tied the match? But anyway, Shawn won the tournament, right?”

With Champion, you don’t have to worry about those kinds of conversations anymore. This little app for iOS solves your problems for managing tournaments with friends and foes. Champion will generate a tournament schedule for you, it lets you enter scores and track league standings. You can even share the tournament with your friends so they can follow live!

Whether you’re playing video games, foosball, (touch-)football, backyard soccer or you just want to keep score in something else, Champion can handle it, fast and easy.

ChampApp is free on the App Store. Get it now and settle the argument about that video game match from last weekend, once and for all.

* * *

Our thanks to ChampApp for sponsoring the site this week.