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Casey Liss: Sweet iPhone Setup

Who are you and what do you do?

I am one third of the Accidental Tech Podcast with my friends Marco and John. During the day, I’m a developer and corporate stooge, working at a small consultancy in Richmond, Virginia. I usually work on the Microsoft stack, writing C# all day. Occasionally I get lucky and write iOS apps for work.

What iPhone do you have?

Case Liss iPhone Home screen setup interview

iPhone 5s, 64 GB, Space Gray, on AT&T.

I’m too frugal to do a yearly upgrade, and I didn’t get my first iPhone until the 3GS, thus, I just recently upgraded from a 4S on 5s launch day.

What apps do you use most?

Most things on my home screen, but to list them out:

  • Tweetbot is my preferred Twitter client, which I spend way too much time in. I really have come to love the conversation on Twitter, and am still clinging to being a completionist.
  • Fantastical is my calendar of choice. I have a terrible memory, so if something isn’t in the calendar, I’m not doing it.
  • Mail.app is my e-mail client of choice. I take e-mail pretty seriously, read everything I receive, and reply to much of it.
  • Reeder is my RSS reader, which I use to keep up with news.
  • Check the Weather is my preferred weather app; it has all the awesome parts of Forecast.io with a very pretty–yet not busy–interface.
  • Instagram is something I still enjoy quite a lot, though I don’t post pictures too often.
  • Pod Wrangler is my preferred podcast client. Like Check the Weather, it’s written by my friend, _, and fits really well with the way I think about podcasts.
  • Silo is my shopping list app of choice. My wife and I share a list for groceries, one for the home improvement store, etc. This saves tremendous headache and 300 “wait, which soap did you want?” iMessages.

Yes, that missing slot in the bottom-right needs to be filled, but I haven’t yet found an app I use frequently enough to move up.

Additionally, I don’t really know why, but I prefer to leave a blank row above the dock on my first home screen. I stole the idea from Marco, tried it, and it’s stuck ever since.

My background is Bjango Trio Aqua by Marc Edwards. There are updated ones here.

What app could you not live without?

Though the apps above are the ones I use most frequently, they’re not the ones I couldn’t possibly live without. This, perhaps unsurprisingly, is the same answer I’ve used for the Mac in the past. I really want to say either Evernote or Dropbox, but in reality 1Password is the answer. Without 1Password, I wouldn’t be able to access anything else.

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