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Brand New: Simple Habits (A TSS Course)

I’ve been a “habit nerd” for nearly 20 years. Routines have helped tremendously with my desire to keep areas of my life on track over the years.

A few examples include things such as creating every day, a weekly date-night with my wife, an automatic saving and investing, consistent workouts.

These certainly ebb and flow — sometimes my routines are easier to keep up with up, and other times it takes extra motivation to keep it up.

But over the long run, having certain routines around the things that are important is something that makes life better on the daily. And that’s awesome.

The Sweet Setup is approaching its 7th anniversary since first beginning in the fall of 2013. And I know that if we didn’t have creative habits and routines in place, then the site wouldn’t be what it is today — with all of its amazing readers (that you!) and our incredible team of writers, photographers, videographers, etc.

Routines and habits are far more simple than we give them credit for. As F.M. Alexander once said:

You do not decide your future, you decide your habits. And it is your habits that decide your future.

Introducing the Simple Habits course

Today we have just released our latest TSS course: Simple Habits.

This course goes beyond habit apps, and gets into the mechanics of how habits work, how you can start new ones and break old ones, how to use habit stacking, and more.

You can watch the whole course in the time it takes for a long lunch break. And then you will have discovered how to make simple changes, starting today, that will make your daily life better.

And, if you sign up today, you’ll save 25% off the full price. Normally, the course is $39. But right now it’s available for special launch-week pricing. Get it for just $29.

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What’s Inside The Simple Habits Course

1: Goals Are Dumb
In this video, discover what most people do when they try to make positive changes, learn why it doesn’t work, and find out what you should be doing instead if you really want to create lasting change.

 . . .

2: How Habits Work
This video gives you a crash course in the mechanics of habits so you can modify the systems in your own life to create positive results. We also show you how to use the process of substitution to replace negative habits with positive ones.

 . . .

3: The Value of Small Wins
In this lesson, we show you how to leverage the compound effect of tiny actions to produce big results. We also teach you how to make your habits stick by aligning them with your identity.

 . . .

4: Keeping Score
This lesson explains the core principles behind the don’t break the chain motivation strategy, and we walk you through the process of setting up your habits scorecard to help you master the art of showing up.

 . . .

5: Essential Habits
Not all habits are created equal! In this lesson, we share some key habits you may want to include when crafting your routines and explain the importance of taking care of yourself first.

 . . .

6: Next-Level Habits
If you want to take your habits to the next level, this video gives you advanced tips and techniques to help make habit formation even easier and more effective.

 . . .

7: Habit Tracking with the Streaks App
Streaks is the best app for habit tracking. In this screencast, you’ll learn how to use Streaks to track your habits on your Apple device. We show you how to customize Streaks to your liking, and even show you how to use Shortcuts to automate your habit tracking.

 . . .

8: Habit Tracking with GoodNotes on iPad
A screencast tutorial showing how to use GoodNotes on your iPad to combine the benefits of analog and digital habit tracking. You will also get access to a downloadable PDF habit tracking template for you to use.

The new, Simple Habits course includes 8 videos and a bunch of bonuses. You can get it for 25% off ($29 instead of $39) until Friday, May 29th.

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