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Making Better Portraits: Adjustable Background Blur and Editing

This iPhone photography tutorial by Erin Brooks shows how to use adjustable background blur (a.k.a. bokeh) on iPhone. This video is another sneak peek video from our brand-new course on Mobile Photography.

In this tutorial, Erin is uses an app called Focos along with Lightroom Mobile. Focos has long provided the same adjustable background blur feature that Apple just announced with their new iPhones XS. But with the Focos app, it works on any photo taken in portrait mode (which means it also works on the older iPhones).

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With adjustable bokeh, you can really get some beautiful shots.

Here’s another image Erin recently took and shared on Twitter that was then linked to by someone whom I hear works at Apple:

Erin Brooks Tim Cook Twitter iPhone XS Portrait Shot Adjustable Bokeh

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