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Apple’s Affiliate Program and The Sweet Setup

Yesterday, Apple announced that it would be discontinuing its affiliate program for apps.

Since we began this site in 2013, the App Store affiliate program has been a significant source of revenue. We’re incredibly thankful for the opportunity to recommend our favorite apps to you, our readers, and also get a small kickback from Apple if you choose to purchase that app.

About a year ago, Apple made a somewhat similar change to the affiliate program but then backtracked on their plan.

However, we took that as the writing on the wall that the affiliate program was not going to be a long-term, reliable source of revenue. And now, a year later, it turned out to be true.

Over the past year we have been focusing heavily on creating our own products to serve you, our readers, directly. And as a result, The Sweet Setup is not dependent on affiliate revenue. (Nor advertising revue either, for that matter.)

And so, thankfully, for us, nothing will be changing. And this is entirely thanks to you, dear reader, for supporting our work directly. Thank you!

While it will be a bummer to lose the stream of affiliate income from Apple, we are grateful not to be in a dire situation with nowhere to go. We will continue to keep on doing what we do: recommend the best apps and workflows, and create world-class courses for how to use the amazing apps we all love and use each day.

In fact, we have two new workflow courses in the pipe! One of which we are wrapping up now and will be launching in a few weeks, and the other will be coming out later this fall.