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An Easier & Safer Way to Backup/Restore iPhone Data [FREE] (Sponsor)

DearMob Hero

You may need to free up the space of old iPhone / iPad, back up iPhone content for secure storage, or restore old iPhone data to a new iPhone.

DearMob iPhone Manager is not only an iOS file backup and transfer tool, also a combination of data encryption, conversion and selective restore utilities to free you from iCloud & iTunes limits.

You can get the iPhone manager free or save 40% get a lifetime license.


  • Safe, easy, no data erasing. It adopts military-grade encryption in iPhone data backup & transfer. Built in many aced encryption algorithms (1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, PBKDF2, Argon 2), users can encrypt backup files, export with encryption. All users can easily use it without learning curve.
  • Flexible, Intelligent: Customize options to selective or batch transfer, export files from iDevice by your selection, manually manage files, convert files to be compatible with iDevice and more. Auto-rotate video to fit iOS full screen.
  • Quick and Stable. Lightweight and responsive, handling data on a 256GB or 512GB iPhone is a whoosh. No more iTunes-slows-down-computer pain.

Our thanks to DearMob iPhone Manager for sponsoring the site this week!