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Advertising and sponsorship availability

If you’d like to promote your product, service, or company to our audience, now is a great time.

The way a sponsorship works here on The Sweet Setup is that you get a whole package deal. It includes your own sponsored blog post, an exclusive ad in our weekly email newsletter, a few thank-you tweets from our Twitter account, and a one-month run of two banner ads served up in our sidebar.

This site launched just 4 months ago, and up until now our sponsorship spots have been sold out. However, April is wide open, including this upcoming week beginning March 31. Naturally, we’d love to book those spots so we can keep hiring writers to research, review, and recommend the best apps.

If you’re interested in booking a spot — especially this upcoming week — please email me: sponsors@shawnblanc.net. And since it’s last minute, I’ll work you a deal.