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A Sweet Deal for Apple Nerds

Next week, for Black Friday, The Sweet Setup is putting together a massive deal.

Later I’ll share a bit more of the “why”. But for now I’m just going to share the “what”. (We’ve never done a Black Friday deal before, so I wanted to give you a heads up.)

In short, we are bundling together every single one of our in-depth app training courses, and we will be offering the whole package for a ridiculous price.

And… That’s it.

That’s our one and only Black Friday offer.

Which means this deal isn’t going to be for everyone. (It may not be right for you.)

We would love the chance to be part of your year-end learning, and we hope to help you turn 2020 into a more productive and creative year.

As we move into the holidays and begin approaching the New Year, what are some of your goals and aspirations?

For me, this time of year I always look forward to spending more time than normal to write and journal.

Do you have any aspirations around being more productive, more organized, and/or more creative?

For example, do you want to…

  • Get more organized, productive, and in control of your day?
  • Begin writing more?
  • Get your ideas and your thoughts centralized?
  • Take and make better the photos?
  • Be better at using your iPad?
  • Start keeping a journal more regularly?

If you said “yes” to any of those, then our Complete Training Bundle is going to be for you.

We really do have some of the best app training you can find.

Our Black Friday bundle will be perfect for those who already have one or two courses and who want to “complete their library”. It’s also going to be perfect for those who are starting from scratch.

All that said, we will be posting links to the bundle on Friday morning, Nov 29. See you then!