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1Password 6.8 brings vault creation and faster OTP access

AgileBits has released the latest version of 1Password for iOS (6.8), and this is a great update if you use 1Password to create one-time passwords for two-factor authentication on websites like Gmail, Dropbox, etc.

In version 6.8 (โ€˜The Picnic Editionโ€™), one-time passwords will now auto-copy to the clipboard whenever you use the auto-fill function. This means that as you fill your login for Gmail, the one-time password isn’t something you have to launch the app to find.

If you are a 1Password.com subscriber, you can also create new vaults on iOS vs having to do it on a Mac or the web.

1Password is an app that keeps getting better, and this update is another reason why it’s the best password manager.