A Simple Guide to Meaningful Productivity

As promised, here is the Simple Guide to Meaningful Productivity.

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Real quick, I wanted to introduce myself and The Sweet Setup family!

My name is Shawn Blanc. I’ve been writing about apps and other nerdy things since 2007.

In 2013 I started The Sweet Setup. We are visited by hundreds of thousands of readers every month. Our work has been featured in and referenced by sites such as The New York Times, Life Hacker, Forbes, Inc., and MacStories.

Here’s what you will find on The Sweet Setup:

  • You’ll find a vast library of courses, live workshops, community, and articles to help you with managing your tasks, your time, and your ideas.

  • We regularly publish fresh reviews, quick tips, workflow tutorials, and more.

  • Over 15,000 customers use our guides and courses. (You can get all-access course membership through our Accelerator community.)

  • The free Focus Assessment has helped thousands of readers just like you with your personal recommended pathway for how to get back hours of your week.