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Get In-Depth, Time-Management Training (Video Course)

Our popular time management class consists of 33 video lessons plus PDF worksheets you can use for getting clarity about your time and scheduling your day.

The main themes addressed within the class include:

  • How to create a time management system that works.
  • How to schedule and plan your year / month / week / day (for both your work life and personal life).
  • How to get breathing room in your day.
  • How to thrive with a variable schedule.
  • Setting goals and priorities.
  • How to keep your schedule.
  • How to be productive at home.
  • And so, so much more…

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After completing the class, you will have a strong grasp on how to take ownership of your time in order to manage how you spend your day and your week.

Get the Course (Save $150)

What EXACTLY is in this course?

Well, okay. Since you asked. Here’s the complete table of contents for each video:

  1. Introduction: An introduction to scheduling, prioritizing, and time management.
  2. Defining Meaningful Productivity: How to know if you’re spending time on the Right Things.
  3. What Time Management Is (and Is Not): Defining what time management really means.
  4. Time Management Myths and Cliches: Common misconceptions about the topic of time management.
  5. How to Set Your Goals and Priorities: How goals and priorities can help you focus your time.
  6. How to Make the Most of Your Time: How applying intentionality helps you make the most of your time.
  7. Building a Time Management System That Works: Designing a time management system that sticks.
  8. The 5-Minute Rule: The secret to finishing is simply getting started.
  9. Estimating Time for Tasks: The art of accurately estimating the time a task will take.
  10. Minimum and Maximum Time Allowances: Establishing parameters for your tasks to help you stay on track.
  11. Arrive on Time: Tips to help you develop a habit of being on time to things.
  12. The Tyranny of the Urgent: How to develop boundaries to help you stay focused on what really matters.
  13. Thriving With a Variable Schedule: Tips to help you make the most of a variable schedule.
  14. Overcoming Procrastination: The real reasons behind procrastination – and what you can do about it.
  15. Distractions and Interruptions: How to minimize and proactively avoid costly distractions and interruptions.
  16. Creating Breathing Room in Your Schedule: How to restore and keep margin in your schedule.
  17. Time Management Quick Wins: Simple tips to help you start winning back your time.
  18. Keeping Your Schedule: How to stick to your schedule, even when things go wrong.
  19. Being Productive at Home: Quick tips for restoring balance to a busy home life.
  20. Creating a Weekly Schedule: Creating a time budget to help you effectively plan your week.
  21. Your Attention Charter (What, Why, and How): Setting a course for intentional decision making.
  22. How to Accomplish Your Most Important Tasks: How a 3×5 note card and a permanent marker can help you win the day.
  23. Decisiveness When Scheduling: Balancing organization and spontaneity through effective planning.
  24. How to Plan Your Week: A simple process for effectively planning your week.
  25. How to Plan Your Day: How to establish boundaries and make the most of your 24 hours.
  26. The Pomodoro Technique: How working in short sprints can help you be more productive.
  27. Utilizing Themed Days for Focus: Theming your days to help you stay focused on what’s important.
  28. Smarter Media Consumption: Supporting focus by applying intentionality to your technology use.
  29. Delegating and Automating: How to delegate and automate things you shouldn’t be doing.
  30. Accountability and Community: How other people can help you stay focused and intentional.
  31. Building Better Defaults: Creating better habits to make the most of your limited time.
  32. Maintaining Your Mental Energy Throughout the Day: Maximizing your mental energy fort deep, focused work.
  33. Conclusion: A quick summary of what you’ve learned in this class.


  • Download the HD video files for offline viewing.
  • PDF workbooks with templates!

Get the Course (Save $150)

30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

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Who is the class for?

This time management class is for anyone who wants to have more control over how they spend their time. From arriving on time to events and meetings, to improving your ability to work in the midst of a busy office culture, to juggling a variable schedule, and more. What sets this class apart from other time management training is the combination of fundamental principles along with practical strategies. You will learn the basic building blocks for how to have more control over your time no matter what season of life you are in, and I will show you how to capitalize on that knowledge.

How does the class work?

The video lessons are designed in such a way that you can watch them in order or cherry-pick individual lessons a la carte. Each lesson teaches a specific time management principle, idea, or strategy. So you can jump right to the lessons that seem most relevant to you right now.

Since all 33 video lessons are available on demand, you can start anytime you want and go at any pace you like. When you sign up, you will get instant access to the entire course contents (no dripping) right away, and you will get lifetime access to the material.

Get the Course (Save $150)