All the Things: Early Sign-Up

Before we open up our new course to the public we are looking for a handful of folks who want to sign up early.

You don’t have to do anything other than sign-up. If you encounter any issues or find anything confusing, we hope you’ll let us know.

Note that there are a few bits of content that we are still finalizing. The audio interviews are not yet posted, and the text transcripts for the screencasts are not yet edited.

Here are links for you to sign up for whichever version of the course you want:

All the Things (Basic) // $29

  • 8 screencast tutorials for Things 3 (98 minutes of total video)
  • A list of advanced scripts and workflows
  • 7 setup interviews with Things users

All the Things (Pro) // $39

  • Normally $49, but is $39 for the launch.
  • Includes everything in Basic
  • 8 productivity and task-management training videos (102 minutes of total video)
  • 6 audio interviews with productivity experts