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All the Things (Pro) [Day One in Depth Special Offer]

Special Offer: Level Up Your Productivity

Hey! Shawn Blanc here. Thanks for picking up Day One in Depth.

As you may know, one of the primary ways I use Day One is in relation to my productivity.

When used in conjunction with the task app, Things, these two apps help me stay focused and motivated with my work life and personal life.

Things is the best task management app out there. It is simple and easy to use, and it has a beautiful design. While being powerful enough for even the most detailed and organized power user, it is also simple enough for the rest of us.

Just recently we created a course that quickly shows you how to get up and running with Things 3.

Moreover, you get additional, in-depth systems — the very same systems I use every day — for a more calm approach to productivity and easier task management.

It’s called All The Things.

In addition to taking you line-by-line of the best productivity app there is (Things 3), I also walk you through my own personal productivity system (the same system that incorporates Day One).

With All the Things, you will discover our best practices, templates, personal systems, and more for managing your tasks and being productive…

  • Meaningful Productivity: Discover a new, liberating mindset toward productivity that allows you to focus on giving your time to the things that are most important.
  • Hybrid Productivity Method: Discover how to combine digital and analog tools to stay focused day to day and keep from being overwhelmed by an overflowing inbox.
  • How to Focus on the Most Important: There is a simple approach for ensuring you spend your time each day doing the single, most-important things.
  • Productivity Journaling: Using a journal to track your regular progress can have a huge impact in building momentum and focus. (This is something I use Day One for, and have for years! It’s awesome.)
  • How to Schedule Your Day: Discover a simple way to schedule your daily tasks in order to maintain focus and breathing room in your day.
  • Weekly Planning & Reviewing: A simple and regular review session will help you stay focused and accomplish your goals. (This is also something I use Day One for.)
  • Detailed Notebook Walkthrough: A detailed walk through of how I set up my weekly and daily schedule in my notebook.

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