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Learn GoodNotes (Digital Planner Special Offer)

Special Offer: GoodNotes Templates and More

Hey! Shawn Blanc here. Thanks for picking up your copy of the 2020 Digital Planner.

This planner was made for the iPad, and my suggested app of choice is GoodNotes.

GoodNotes is the best handwriting, notebook app for the iPad. And it’s the ideal app for loading up the planner and using it every day.

If you are not familiar with using GoodNotes, we’ve created an in-depth course that can teach you all the amazing features of this fantastic app. It’s called “Learn GoodNotes” (I know), and it’s one of our most popular courses.

Learn GoodNotes

Learn GoodNotes: Overview

Get the Course  $39  $29

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Take your iPad productivity to the next level with Learn GoodNotes. In addition to the in-depth screencast training, you will also get access to our in-house library of additional iPad productivity templates.

All for a 25% discount right now, if you are interested…

Get the Course  $39  $29