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Sweet Setup Courses

The Sweet Setup course library contains 9 courses with more than 14,000 customers.

All of which can help you be more creative, focused, and productive.

Once you complete your course library, you will have access to ALL of the following…

  • Calm Inbox ($198 value): Our brand-new, step-by-step system for getting your email under control.

  • All the Things ($119 value): Stop being managed by your task list and get your to-do list under control with Shawn’s Hybrid Productivity System. (Also includes a slew of screencasts for using Things (the best to-do list app).)

  • Learn Ulysses ($198 value): Capture your ideas and organize your writing with our training for how to use Ulysses.

  • Mastering Mind Maps ($119 value): A tried-and-true system for making your ideas better and saving yourself a LOT of time on the creative process.

  • Simple Habits ($79 value): How (and why) to build better habits and change your life.

  • Simple Time Management ($119 value): Discover the secrets of time tracking and time blocking for an easier way to enjoy your time and plan your days so you can get more done in less time with less anxiety about it all.

  • Learn GoodNotes ($79 value): Get our in-house library of custom productivity templates for iPad plus, well, a whole entire video training course for GoodNotes.

  • To Obsidian & Beyond ($297 value): The go-to master-course for Obsidian users (new and old alike). Finally organize your notes and ideas to make creative output easy.

  • Productivity Power Hour ($59 value): Discover our 4-Focus Method that makes it easy to prioritize and manage your responsibilities, follow-through with what is important to you, and stay motivated in life.