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To Obsidian and Beyond: Master Course

To Obsidian and Beyond

The all-new master-course for Obsidian users (new and old alike).

Finally organize your notes and ideas to make creative output easy. After this course you will understand what is possible with Obsidian, how it can serve you best for your specific needs, and be set up and ready to use it.

$297 → $149
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Time Management, Simplified

Time Management, Simplified

Simplified task and time management for getting a few hours of your week back
In this brand-new course, we show you how to track your time and plan your day using “time blocks” so you can be more productive and make the most of the time that you have available to you.

Having a simple way to schedule your day can be especially important if you find yourself in the middle of a transition — such as trying to figure out how to work from home with additional distractions you wouldn’t have at the office. Timeblocking can help you regain control of your day and make sure you are spending your time effectively on the things that are important.

$119 → $58
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Calm Inbox Course

Calm Inbox

Your Best Work Doesn’t Happen Inside of an Inbox
If email is so important… then why does it mostly feel like a distraction and a chore that pulls us away from spending time on things that actually are important?

$197 → $99
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Simple Habits

Simple Habits

Want to use habits to your advantage?
With good habits in place, your life is just easier. When a crisis happens, our lives change. And we often emerge with new habits and routines. Hopefully we develop better routines that help us and allow us to come out of the crisis as a better version of ourselves.

But sometimes we develop not-so-great routines. Many people will wait until an emergency arises before they pay attention to an area of their life. This is REACTIVE LIVING.

$119 → $59
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Mastering Mind Maps

Mastering Mind Maps

Manage and develop your ideas.
Go step by step through our tried-and-true system for making your ideas better and saving yourself a LOT of time on the creative process. You will also get a series of in-depth screencasts for how to use the best mind mapping app out there (for Mac, iPad, and iPhone): MindNode.

Remove the obstacles to your creative process with a simple system for developing ideas.

$119 → $59
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All the Things

All the Things

Stop being managed by your task list.
All the Things is our most popular course that has helped thousands of our customers to reclaim time and get in control of their task list. It covers productivity and task management with an in-depth series of screencast tutorials to help you become a power user with the award-winning app, Things. The course also features advanced training for calm productivity and easier task management.

$119 → $59
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Learn Ulysses Course

Learn Ulysses

Capture your ideas, and organize your writing.
It sucks to have your ideas, notes, and writing all scattered about with things all over the map. Learn Ulysses will help you take your notes, ideas, and writing from scattered to structured. The course includes easy video tutorials to help you quickly learn Ulysses, as well as additional training featuring advanced workflows, writing coaching videos, and example setups.

$197 → $99

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Goodnotes Templates and Course

Learn GoodNotes

Use Custom Templates for Productivity and to Plan Your Life
Get our in-house library of custom productivity templates plus, well, a whole entire video training course for GoodNotes on iPad. GoodNotes = The flexibility of a normal dot-grid notebook AND the convenience of a pre-printed planner.

$79 → $39
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Productivity Power Hour

Productivity Power Hour

Discover our 4-Focus Method that makes it easy to prioritize and manage your responsibilities, follow-through with what is important to you, and stay motivated in life.

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Total Training Bundle

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  • Learn GoodNotes ($79)
  • Learn Ulysses ($197)
  • Mastering Mind Maps ($119)
  • Productivity Power Hour Workshop ($59)
  • Simple Habits ($79)

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