Obsidian Starter Vault

As promised, here is the link to download your Obsidian starter vault:


Once you unzip the file, just point Obsidian at the folder and all the notes will automatically be added to Obsidian.

Here’s a quick video to show you how it all works.

This starter vault contains over 25 of our best articles about Obsidian, from basic setup to recommended plugins to productivity workflows. All the notes are formatted to make the most of Obsidian’s Markdown-based features.

If you’re new to Obsidian, we recommend that you watch the video above and then begin at the Start Here note. This note contains links to the other categories and links, making it easy to navigate to the note you want based on what it is you want to do in Obsidian.


Note: This Starter Vault is filled with just a sampling of content from our in-depth, on-demand video course: To Obsidian and Beyond. You can find out more and get access to this online master-course at our website: thesweetsetup.com/obsidian