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The biggest area of feedback we hear from our customers, like you, is this:

Their desire for additional training on exactly how to organize their notes and ideas.

We’ve worked with a lot of folks over the years, helping them organize their ideas and take action. We put all of our insights around organizing your notes and put it into a Personal Knowledge Management course.

For the first time ever we are selling the Personal Knowledge Management module from our popular To Obsidian and Beyond course.

And right now, you can add it to your purchase for a fraction of the price.

Create a Notes management system that works

Discover how to take all the information you encounter and organize it.

Learn the pillars of successful Personal Knowledge Management system.

Take control of your ideas and notes and let them spark new ideas and boost your creativity.

Apply the principles to your system regardless of what app you use

This Personal Knowledge Management module is a packed with guides and steps on how to take your notes to the next level . This is the fastest path you’ll find for improving how you organize your notes and ideas. And it pairs perfectly with the Yes Yes Notion workshop…

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