Calm Inbox: Early Access

Hello friends! Below is a link for you to sign up for early access to our upcoming Calm Inbox course.

This course will launch to the public on Tuesday 29 September.

We wanted to offer early access to you so that you could not only check it out before anyone else, but also (hopefully) provide any feedback or ideas ideas you may have before it opens up to everyone else.

— Shawn

Calm Inbox Course Launch Details

When: Tuesday 29 September at 10am EST

Where: thesweetsetup.com/calm

How Much: $99 discounted to $79 for early access and during launch week

And thanks again for checking it out providing feedback ahead of the launch on Sep 29.

Get Early Access ($79)

What is the Calm Inbox Course?

Calm Inbox is our most ambitious (and perhaps most important) course yet for The Sweet Setup…

Calm Inbox is about:

  1. Managing your email; and
  2. Developing a focused attention.

So often, when we are dealing with information overload, we think that a new app or a new trick will save us.

While that new app may feel exciting for a few days — or even a month — the app itself is not enough to change our state of overwhelm.

You need sustainable workflows combined with a change in habits. Otherwise you will fall right back in to the same defaults of checking things too often, fighting distraction, and always feeling preoccupied.

My goal for you and your Calm Inbox is to help you fundamentally change the way you handle email.

Calm Inbox aims to eliminate the frantic urgency that goes along with an overwhelming inbox.

That’s why the emphasis of all this is on the word “Calm”. What you learn in this course is going to provide peace of mind for years to come. It will restore time, energy, and focus to your day. It will help you become more creative and productive.

Sample Video from the Course

Here is one of the course lesson videos from the Calm Inbox course. The course has 22 lesson videos like this one, as well as 30 screencast tutorials.

If you’d like to get early access, sign up below. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Get Early Access ($79)