Almost Done…

So excited to have you joining the Accelerator community. There are a couple steps left to finish your Accelerator registration.

Step 1. Accelerator Member Intake Form

Please take about 3 minutes right now to fill out this initial intake form. This will let me know why you are joining the community and how we can best serve you.

1: Complete Intake Form →

Step 2. Activate Your Focus Course Access

Your Accelerator membership also includes access to our training material on our sister-site, The Focus Course. A one-time activation is needed to link your accounts between the two websites.

  1. Follow this link
  2. Apply coupon: COMMUNITY
  3. Complete Checkout (Cart should be $0)

2: Activate Focus Course Access →

Step 3. Subscribe to the Accelerator Calendar

For Apple Integration

  1. Right click and COPY THIS LINK to your clipboard
  2. Open your Calendar app
  3. Add a New Calendar Subscription
  4. When Prompted for Calendar URL, paste the URL you just copied
  5. Set Auto-Refresh to Daily

3: Copy this Link →

For Google Integration

  1. Follow this Link
  2. Sign in to the Google Account You would like to Save the Calendar under
  3. Confirm subscription to Focus Accelerator Calendar

Finish Your Registration

Once you’ve completed the Accelerator intake form please continue on to the new member welcome page.

Finish Registration →