Almost Done…

So excited to have you joining the Accelerator community. There are a couple steps left to finish your Accelerator registration.

Step 1. Accelerator Member Intake Form

Please take about 3 minutes right now to fill out this initial intake form. This will let me know why you are joining the community and how we can best serve you.

1: Complete Intake Form →

Step 2. Activate Your Focus Course Access

Your Accelerator membership also includes access to our training material on our sister-site, The Focus Course. A one-time activation is needed to link your accounts between the two websites.

  1. Follow this link
  2. Apply coupon: COMMUNITY
  3. Complete Checkout (Cart should be $0)

2: Activate Focus Course Access →

Step 3. Subscribe to the Accelerator Calendar

You’ll have the option to integrate with Apple, Google, Office 365, or Outlook.

3: Get the Accelerator Calendar →

Finish Your Registration

Once you’ve completed the Accelerator intake form please continue on to the new member welcome page.

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