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One of the main areas of feedback I hear from our customers is their desire for additional training on how to manage and prioritize their time.

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This is an all-access pass to every on-demand tool and course in our library, plus a community to help you get clear, take action, and keep going.

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I have spent years figuring out solutions related to focus and productivity.

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Eliminate 90% of the busywork, urgency, and procrastination from your week.

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A few of your favorite things…

Here are a few of the tools and results you’ll get from your membership. You can see why it pairs perfectly with your new Digital Planner!

Here’s what you’ll get…

Task management templates (printable or use on iPad)

Time Management Templates (build your ideal schedule)

In-Depth Productivity Training (my Hybrid method)

How to set up an analog notebook (complete BTS walkthrough guide)

Quick-start for how to schedule your week and day

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Progress

What are “themed days” and how can they make you more productive?

Habits Made Simple

Walkthrough of The 4-Focus Method (our simple framework for getting anything done)

Personal Retreat Workshop

A simple activity to help you get clear when you’re feeling overwhelmed (this is what got us featured in Entrepreneur magazine)

Habits Made Simple

Habit tracker templates

Guide for managing distractions and interruptions

How to be productive when working from home

Complete walkthrough for how to build your own idea management system

The one thing you need to know for building a writing habit

Find out the best apps (and exactly how to use them) for managing all your notes and ideas

Discover startup and shutdown routines of David Sparks (and how you can get your morning to be 2x more productive and calm)

Go behind the scenes with Notion expert Marie Poulin for a her goal setting templates and setup

A simple checklist to help you show up every day and do the single most important thing (this is a brilliant and fool-proof approach for getting unstuck in any area of your life or any new project)

The 5-Day Margin Reset that gets you back on your feet and off the edge of burnout.

The simple email management structure and approach that produces a Calm Inbox

Plus: 2x monthly office hours and coaching calls hosted by the Focus Team to give you direct guidance and feedback

Plus: A private slack community for sharing ideas, resources, links, asking questions, etc.

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Get your first month for $99 only $20.



Focus Accelerator is your all-access pass to every on-demand course in our entire library (both on The Focus Course site and also on The Sweet Setup), plus a community to help you get clear, take action, and keep going.

In 2023… you don’t need more time or more information.

You need more focus and better systems.



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Focus Pathways:
Curated and simplified guidance and templates…

Your Personal Mission Map
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Productivity Templates & Systems
(loads of them inside the membership)


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