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The workbook is designed to help you identify what is most important for the upcoming year and make a plan to follow through on it.

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Leverage Habits in 2022…

If you think about it, achieving your goals is really just the culmination of a thousand tiny wins.

For your goals to stand a chance in 2022 you need systems that are going to help keep you on track…

Habits and routines are the tracks that keep your goals heading in the right direction.

Our Simple Habits course helps you isolate and routinize high leverage routines that align with your values.

This is Fine

Habits + Time-Blocking = Secret Sauce

In order to achieve goals that you have never achieved before, you also have to do things you have never done before.

All to often, when trying to accomplish a goal, we will focused on what has already happened… instead of focusing on what we can control and influence.

If you really want to give 2022 a good one-two-punch, combine the power of habits with time-blocking.

Habits are the actions you have control over. They are the engine that gets you moving.

Time-blocking serves as the railroad-tracks that keep you, well, on track and going forward in the right direction.

Having a plan for your day will actually make things easier! And, as you’ll discover in our Simplified Time Management course, your plan can include time for doing things other than just work.

Such as time for having fun, resting, and the like.

With your time-blocked day, you will be able to stay focused on what matters the most, rather than being pulled aside by what only seems important in the moment.

It’s a great way to make the space for your habits and routines to thrive.

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  • Time Blocking ($59): Plan your day with Time Blocks to remove stress and improve focus

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