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Your biggest opportunity is to get more organized and in control.

The challenges you face right now may be related to your schedule, your tasks, or just how you are spending your time. But because all of these areas overlap with one another, it’s probably a combination of them.

When you are not organized or in control, then oftentimes things end up slipping and getting missed. It’s frustrating.

While it’s not always due to a lack of clarity, because you may know what it is that’s important to do. But in spite of that, you still struggle to find the time and energy to do the things you want to. As a result, every day is filled with what feels like far too many responsibilities with just not enough time for them all.

And so, at the end of your days and weeks, when you look back on what you did, it’s hard to tell if you actually accomplished anything meaningful and important.

Perhaps it’s because you frequently say “yes” to requests of your time and energy, even when the request is for something not important to you or even if you schedule is already full.

Or your work / home environment is such that you are spending too much time putting out other people’s fires and responding to other people’s urgent issues. Your days are filled with urgent things, but are they actually important things?

What You Need

When was the last time you had an hour of uninterrupted, focused work time?

When you consider your to-do list, do you instantly get overwhelmed at all the things you can / should be doing but that you’re not?

You absolutely can get more organized and back in control. For you, it may not be a crisis right now. But even a little but of friction in your day can wear on you over time.

Consider improving how you manage your time and tasks. You may feel that keeping a schedule is too confining. And you may not like planning things out in advance. But by being more proactive with where the time in your day is going, you may find that you have a better grasp on your time, attention, and energy.

Also, you may want to think about implementing some new routines or habits to your day. Are there ways you can simplify all the things you have to think about every day? If so, you may find you have more mental and emotional energy, freeing you up to focus more.

Trust your plans. One of the biggest pitfalls to productivity is to simply “do things when they feel good”. Don’t give in to this attitude — instead, when you DO have time to work on something that is important to you, make sure you follow through and focus.